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The Only Colors: Submit your Michigan State questions

Do you have any questions regarding Michigan State athletics? Ask us, and we’ll do our best to answer.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl - Michigan State v Wake Forest Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Let’s try something new, shall we? With college athletics entering an indefinite hiatus back in March, and now that we’ve entered June (a usually slow news period, outside of recruiting), there certainly has not been a lot of Michigan State Spartans athletics news to cover as of late. So, we are opening up the questions to the community.

Simply fill out the form below, or click here, and submit your questions to us. You can also leave a question in the comments section, or ask one to us on Twitter or Facebook. A few days from now, we will select a handful of questions to answer to the best of our ability (we are obviously not the all-knowing source), and feature them in an article on the homepage.

I’m all for humor, but all I ask is that you please ask legitimate questions and keep it clean. Let’s have some fun.