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Michigan State target Enoch Boakye earns fifth star in wake of commitment day

MSU priority gets that sweet, sweet 5-star bump

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone go ahead and start knocking on wood right now before going any further.

All right, thanks gang.

So, a few days ago news leaked that Enoch Boakye will be making his college decision on July 28 (next Tuesday). So, who is this basketball prospect? He is...

  • A 2022 prospect
  • Canadian
  • A hulking 6-foot-10, 240 pound center
  • Now, finally, officially a five-star prospect

Before today Boakye was a four-star on the fringe of earning that coveted fifth star, and he finally got it today on 247Sports. Now ranked as the No. 18 player in his class, his addition to the 2022 class would be massive as he would join (for now) Emoni Bates. I say “for now” because not only Bates is a prime candidate for reclassification, but so is Boakye.

Now, before going any further, why am I writing as if it’s a done deal? 1) All Crystal Balls on 247Sports and all FutureCast predictions on Rivals have him going green. 2) Hey, remember, knock on that wood.

For those keeping score at home, with the additions of Max Christie and Pierre Brooks to the 2021 class, all 13 scholarships are filled. Bates reclassifies and that’s 14. Boakye reclassifies, that’s 15. And hey, let’s say point guard Jaden Akins commits too and, FOLKS, we are at 16 scholarship players for the 2021 class.

Umm... again, you get 13 scholarship players allotted. Small problem, but in all reality, it’ll find a way to all work out. Maybe some combination of Aaron Henry, Rocket Watts and/or Joey Hauser go pro after this upcoming season. Maybe there’s some roster attrition from players that see the writing on the wall and will recognize their roles will diminish.

Either way, this is all very exciting if Boakye commits. Whether he eventually and officially arrives in 2021 or 2022, well, that’s for a different blog post.