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5 SEC teams that MSU fans can adopt this fall

Maybe it’s the other MSU? Maybe it’s the fan-favorite?

NCAA Football: Cheez-It Bowl-Air Force vs Washington State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As of now, the SEC is still rolling toward a football season.

With their conference schedule announced yesterday, this gives us enough time to see what SEC team we will be adopting this fall.

Let’s just go ahead and narrow the options down to five.


Naturally, it makes sense on the surface just go with the other MSU. However, it goes further than that.

It’s no secret that the last few years of Michigan State fanhood have been…not great. And, truly, it was just flat-out boring to watch amongst everything else. What team in the SEC wouldn’t deliver a shred of boredom? That’s right – a team led by Mike Leach, baby. A team led by a guy that orchestrated an offense that averaged more than 35 points a game his last two seasons at Washington State. And, somehow, has random games where they struggle to bust out of single digits. The allure of mystery is powerful here.

This team is probably destined for, like, four wins at most. But, damn it, they’ll be an electric factory doing it.


Very similar to the reasoning above – if you want to stave off boredom and really don’t care about winning a ton of games, FOLKS, hop aboard the Lane Train.

The Lane Kiffin Experiment has gone great sometimes, horrible other times and thrilling 100 percent of the time. I’m thinking of just adopting both of these teams this fall and just being a huge State of Mississippi guy.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Minnesota vs Auburn Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


A few similarities with Auburn and MSU here that I have no problem making:

1) Both have had an up-and-down decade ranging from top-tier bowl games to battling it out in a random bowl game like the Birmingham Bowl.

2) Both have had thrilling finishes against their hated in-state rivals in the last decade.

3) Both teams had elite 2013 seasons.

That’s all I got, but that’s all I need to hop aboard a bandwagon of what should be a competitive team in the SEC. This is a strong option if you want a great team but don’t want to lean fully into the Alabama/LSU camp.


Michigan State was sputtering for a little bit the last few years and decided to go out and throw a sack of money at a coach with recruiting chops.

Texas A&M was sputtering for a little bit the last few years and decided to go out and throw a sack of money at a coach with recruiting chops.

There’s some solidarity in here between the two programs going big on coaching splurges to reignite their programs. They’ll be a solid team this year, but also may be fourth fiddle to LSU, Alabama and Auburn in their own division (*whispers* kind of like MSU in the Big Ten East).


Ahh screw it, just go with the fun bandwagon team. I’ve never seen a college football team as universally loved as LSU was last season, so let’s all just fill up that bandwagon even more. Sure, they’ve lost roughly 85 players from last year’s dominant team, but they still have Coach O (Ed Orgeron) and a fan base that loves to throw down and party. If I could hitch my wagon to a hype train, this is the one I’m doing it with.