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“Spring” Football Season Outline Taking Shape

Again, “spring” apparently means January, per reports

2014 Rose Bowl Game
The return of a true Rose Bowl may be near, for just one season.

The Penn State rivals website Blue White Illustrated published a story yesterday with details on where spring football plans are pointing toward at this time. If these details hold through planning to fruition then this will be a season to remember if for no other reason than for the oddity of what is being planned.

Among some of the features that are being planned include:

  • A start date around January 7
  • Numerous weeknight games to avoid overlap with other league football games
  • An eight-game schedule
  • Each team would get only one bye week
  • Entirely neutral site games hosted at sites to be determined off campus
  • A conference championship game to be held the second weekend in March in the Rose Bowl

There is also talk that if the Pac-12 can finalize a spring season in conjunction with the Big Ten, there may be a traditional Rose Bowl scheduled pitting the two conference champions against each other. While the game won’t be played on New Years Day, there is certainly some great nostalgia for the game concept.

Still missing are details for how to arrange games in a way that minimizes the impact to basketball viewership given weeknight and weekend games could have a huge impact on that factor. The fact there is no conference basketball schedule out yet should help in arranging those details to some degree, though. A “March Madness” that includes both football championships and basketball tournaments would be quite the novel event.

What are your thoughts on the preliminary details leaked out? Are you pro or con having a conference championship game in the Rose Bowl and scheduling football games on Wednesday nights in January?