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Here’s a Big Ten football scheduling idea

You want ideas? OH, we’ve got ideas!

Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan State

You know what, screw it.

I’ve got an idea. An idea of how to schedule the upcoming Big Ten season, if or whenever that happens.

Now I don’t know when this season starts or when the next one would start to allow for recovery time and whatnot — that’s all a future problem anyway, right?

This is an idea how to create a few bubbles, get some Big Ten football played this fall and winter and, above all, have fun with scheduling imagination.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 26 Quick Lane Bowl - Minnesota v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The regular season: Two pods, seven teams in each, round robin games

Detroit Pod

All right folks, we are going to “bubble” up the Big Ten East and have them play their games in Ford Field (it’s about time championship-caliber teams play a full season in there *insert rim shot here*).

Why Detroit? Michigan State and Michigan can just stay on their campus. The other five schools...just figure it out, OK? There are hotels and high school fields to practice at.

So these teams play a six game, round robin schedule and play each other once each. Three games played on Friday, three played on Saturday, the Lions get to do their thing on Sunday.

Minneapolis Pod

Another city with a domed stadium that the Big Ten West can take place in.

With each pod, the minimum amount of games each team plays on the season is six games. However, there is a chance to some teams play more. How? WELL LET’S KEEP READING.

The Postseason: The Indy Pod

Awwwwwwww yeah, baby.

We are sending six teams to Indianapolis to play in a three-week long postseason. It’s easy.


Game One: East 3 Seed vs. West 2 Seed

Game Two: West 3 Seed vs. East 2 Seed


Game Three: East 1 Seed vs. Game One Winner

Game Four: West 1 Seed vs. Game Two Winner


The Big Ten Championship Game

So for those keeping score, the minimum amount of games a team will play is six. The maximum is nine. That seems like a fair shake for everyone involved.

See, how fun is that?

Is this easier written than done? Are there probably 1,000 logistical hoops to jump through? Of course there is! But hey, in 2020 we’ve seen that anything is possible so why not write this out and give it the ol’ college try.