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A new reality on Michigan State’s campus

Some feelings from a MSU senior missing football season

Picture this: it’s a fall Saturday, there’s a slight breeze in the air, you have broken out your brand-new green and white gear, and campus is packed with tailgaters and students. With a new coach for the Michigan State Spartans, this season is sure to be exciting, and you have patiently been waiting to get your hands on an ice cream cookie sandwich to celebrate a leading score going into halftime. Sparty is looking unsurprisingly 100 percent ready to win and executes his one-armed pushups like the pro he is. “It’s a beautiful day for football!” echoes through your very soul and it’s finally game time.

Now blink, it’s all gone. Campus is empty every day, no one is excited, and everyone is quarantined while taking online classes.

Recently I have been taking some walks through campus and it seems like no matter the weather, it’s dreary there. There is a stillness, like the whole space is holding its breath waiting for normalcy to resume. The dorms are standing empty, void of the lost and overwhelmed freshmen. Stoplights are blinking yellow and the Farm Lane walk sign goes unheard most of the time. Just so you can experience what it’s like to walk through the ghost town that is campus, I have added some pictures below.

With growing cases in East Lansing and the uncertainty coming from Big Ten meetings, it’s hard to tell if this feeling of something missing will go away anytime soon. I would just like to comfortably settle into the memories of what game days used to feel like and hopefully just wake up one day to a notification that football is back and all of this has been a bad dream. With that said, there does seem to be hope on the horizon, with the Big Ten expected to vote on a season restart soon.

For now, something that is helping me get past the fact that it’s my senior year and there may be no football, is reminiscing. Thinking about the time that, as young freshmen, we walked all the way to the stadium to find out that one of us didn’t have our ID to get in and had to march back to Holden Hall to get it, or the time that we were evacuated from the stadium just in time to be let back in for a mad dash to our perfect seats, or (my personal favorite) having to wear trash bags to a rainy game since all the ponchos in East Lansing were bought out. Watching football in Spartan Stadium these past three years as a student has been so memorable. The very good games and the very very bad games will be times I remember forever.

What’s something you miss the most about football season?

Stay safe Spartans! Go Green!