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MSU basketball destined for Orlando outside of Orlando Invitational?

Champions Classic and ACC/Big Ten Challenge both still on? Cool with us!

NCAA Basketball: Georgia at Michigan State Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With everything going on in the world (namely the global pandemic), a lot of events are getting canceled. Duh.

One of those events that could get put on the chopping block is the Orlando Invitational over Thanksgiving week. However...could MSU still be destined for Orlando anyway for different events?

If that holds true, MSU could be taking on Duke in the Champions Classic and (insert team here) in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge as well.

Now, of course, that’s far from official. We all know that absolutely nothing is official in 2020. However, the shred of excitement I take from this is that an idea of a non-conference season hasn’t been taken off the table yet.

I, personally, have just figured we are destined for an only-conference season. But rumors like this are, at the very least, a little exciting.