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The Only Podcast (10-26-21) — OPP (Operation Protect Paul)

He loves the woodshed

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

On this week’s (longer and more commercialized) episode, Austin (@ACSmith06) and John (@John_Kirby) talk...

(0 - 8) Errbody in East Lansing this weekend. Also, turns out, we’ve been leaving money on the table! Shocking!

(8 - 34) Week Eight in Review: National Games - Say it with us, Playoff Pitt.

COMMERCIAL 1 (sorry)

(36 - 1:19) Week Eight in Reivew: B1G plus Week Nine Preview National and B1G (we’ll figure this out at some point) — Penn State has left the chat. San Diego State has entered?


(1:21 - FIN) Michigan/Michigan State Preview - This should be a good game. Handshake emoji.