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BUY NOW: BreakingT launches officially licensed Michigan State apparel collection

The new merchandise is officially licensed by both the school and the student-athletes.

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It’s a new era in the world of college athletics with Name, Image and Likeness opportunities available to student athletes. Michigan State is one of the few institutions that allows its student-athletes the option to use the school’s images and logos through a group licensing program managed by the Brandr Group.

With that in mind, BreakingT has launched a brand new collection of Michigan State apparel that is not only officially licensed by the school, but also by the Spartan student-athletes as well. So, yes, that means you can now get a “shirsey” with the name and numbers of your favorite MSU players, such as Payton Thorne, Kenneth Walker III, Jayden Reed, Jalen Nailor, Cal Haladay and Tyler Hunt.

If you’re looking for something different, BreakingT also dropped three other designs: “The Woodshed” shirt, a Kenneth Walker III-inspired “K9” shirt and the “Legendary” mid-play handshake moment between Walker and Jalen Nailor encapsulated on a shirt.

If you are interested in these awesome new products, please be sure to use this link (or the other links throughout the post) to make your purchase and help support your favorite staff here at The Only Colors. Since the products are officially licensed, the purchases also now go toward supporting MSU and its student-athletes.

What is your favorite product? Let us know in the comments section.