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The Only Podcast (11-10-21) - The Sara(h)s Promise It’s NOT A “Doom Cast”

Boilermakers? More Like “Spoilermakers.” And While We’re Here, Why Isn’t Kansas Pronounced “Kan-SAW” Like Arkansas?

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Michigan State Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Only Podcast welcomes back Sara G (@SGender) and Sarah Norris (@SarahNorris) who carry the load, as Austin hits the beach and avoids the past week’s chaos.

(00:00-00:30) “The Favorite Son” (Michigan State basketball) gets a stern talking to after not turning in an “A” performance. And it’s not because we’re UPSET, it’s because we just expect a little more? We talk about the Champions Classic, large-scale takeaways and preview WMU who is led by...a TikTok star???


(00:31-00:50) Meanwhile, another son (Michigan State football) turns in a “C-” performance and honestly? It’s OK! It’s all still in front of this team for the taking in Week 11. Can you imagine that sentence being real in August?

(00:50-01:23) We walk around the nation and B1G results, preview the week to come, but most importantly we bring back the segment WHY YOUR TEAM STINKS: Maryland Edition

An ad or two.

(01:24-Fin) We preview the Maryland game, and as it relates to the CFP rankings? Don’t sweat it. Run your own race. Things have a way of working themselves out in the end.