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The Good, The Bad, The Random in Michigan State’s blowout loss to Ohio State

Everything still hurts.

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So, this won’t be the most fun postgame blog of all time. However, it’s cathartic.

Michigan State was dominated in every aspect of the football game on Saturday, which ended with a 56-7 blowout win for the Buckeyes. Let’s just get right to the chase.


That’s the worst Michigan State game we will ever watch. It’s all over and we can move on with our lives knowing it will likely never get as bad as that.

Bryce Barringer punted well.

That’s about it for “The Good.”


*Gestures to everything,* yeah, just all of that. Where to even begin? I guess maybe just the fact that, not only was it one of the worse blowouts amongst top 10 teams of all-time, but the game wasn’t even that close to what the final score could have been. The score was 56-7 and it might as well have been 560-7.

Ohio State had more competitive games this year against Nebraska and Tulsa, and it showed just how wide the talent gap is between the two programs. Now, of course, I still think MSU is a good team. A lot of this blowout was on the shoulders of...

The pass defense going from shaky to bad to flat-out awful as the season has gone on. Everyone gets a slice of the blame pie here — players, coaches, etc. I’m not going to pile on the players here — anyone with eyes knows who we are talking about and, quite frankly, spending time roasting them isn’t going to help anything. At times they were so far away from the receiver that they weren’t even close to being in the camera shot.

Eventually some of this has to fall on the staff. Look, I get it, there are injuries to that secondary that aren’t helping things. But, boy howdy, C.J. Stroud probably just took the Heisman from Kenneth Walker III thanks to the easiest day he’s ever had. Two weeks after Aidan O’Connell looked like the second coming of Drew Brees in his Purdue jersey. It’s not even like this is just a below average passing defense — it is far and away the worst corps in the conference.

The offense was brutal, too, which was a surprise of sorts. Seeing the pass defense get shredded like they were fielding two guys in the secondary wasn’t a surprise, sadly. However, seeing the offense do close to nothing was a bit of a surprise.

Payton Thorne looked rattled from the jump and had his roughest game in a MSU uniform. The run game could never get going. The Spartans were dominated in the trenches (on both sides of the ball, really). And, worst of all, Jayden Reed ended his day in a boot and is presumably questionable at best for this weekend’s big game against Penn State.

The Kenneth Walker III conundrum is tough, too. He is dinged up and Mel Tucker said as much after the game. But still, a 60 percent Kenneth Walker is your best option on offense. Then again, maybe you don’t want to burn him up during a 1,000-point blowout. THEN AGAIN, you’ve got a generational shot at a Spartan winning a Heisman, so playing him might keep his campaign alive. THEN AGAIN, your defense is out on the field polishing that trophy for Stroud, so why even bother when you need him as healthy as possible for next Saturday’s game? It was a no-win situation and a helpless feeling as his Heisman campaign all but ended. He’ll need a huge game on Saturday against Penn State to keep the Heisman dream alive.


This game doesn’t change how I look at the reported $95 million, 10-year extension being offered to Mel Tucker. I’m not going to shame anyone that’s a little taken aback to it since Saturday’s massacre, but allow me to explain my reasoning.

Yes, Saturday was rough and it’s clear the distance between OSU and MSU is still vast. However, Mel Tucker knows recruiting is going to be the way to close the gap. And the powers that be at Michigan State University also know that, too. The Spartan brass didn’t bring Tucker over from Colorado because of his sterling 5-7 record in Boulder. They brought him over because they know he has a vision and relentless attitude toward recruiting and, ALSO, this rebuild is still way ahead of schedule.

Being 9-2 at this point of the season is still wild. The Spartans have climbed out of the basement of the Big Ten to the second tier in just one offseason — that was supposed to take more time than that.

The $95 million price tag is hefty, no doubt, but it’s also the money MSU will have to shell out in what is set to be a bananas coaching search cycle around the nation. Plus, the money is reportedly privately-funded.

Let’s look at bowl projections. All is not lost either when it comes to landing in a great bowl game. I mean, let’s be honest, the floor right now is the Citrus Bowl (maybe the Outback Bowl) — we all would have been jazzed with those before the season. After a 8-0 start those feelings could be a bit soured, but this weekend’s game should still be a “win and you’re in” spot for a New Year’s Six bowl game.

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All right, let’s just all move on. Very excited for this weekend’s game and tickets on StubHub are there at a great price, so let’s pack Spartan Stadium for the season finale. GO GREEN!