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VIDEO: Tom Izzo, Aaron Henry and Josh Langford discuss Big Ten Tournament

Illinois v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Ahead of Thursday’s matchup against Maryland in the Big Ten Tournament, Michigan State Spartans head coach, along with players Aaron Henry and Joshua Langford, met with the media.

Izzo spoke about the difficulty and strength of the Big Ten Conference, something he has mentioned multiple times this season.

“We’ve got challenges, but the last couple of weeks we’ve answered some of the challenges, so I think we’re going in with some confidence,” Izzo said. “This Big Ten Tournament, in all of the eight Final Fours I’ve been in, there’s more ranked teams in (this year’s) Big Ten Tournament than a lot of the Final Fours I’ve been in. So that tells you just how good the Big Ten is and how good the Big Ten Tournament is.”

Henry discussed the process and preparation of the Michigan State program.

“The Michigan State way of just continuing to keep things the same, including the preparation, and how we approach things, that’ll never change whether we had lost every game or win every game,” Henry said. “That’s what got us to this point and just being consistent with that. Now that we have won some games and competed with other teams, it just shows that we belong.”

Langford talked about what his mindset and the team’s mindset is moving forward, with every game being an elimination game.

“The mindset is to come in and give all I have, just give 110 percent” Langford said. “It is one-and-done time. You don’t get games back again if you lose one. You definitely come in and you just wanna give all you have, you wanna leave everything out there and not reserve anything. So, that’s just the mindset that I have.”

For the full comments from Izzo, Henry and Langford, watch and listen to the videos below.