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Michigan State Men’s Basketball: Foster Loyer transfers to Davidson

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Michigan State Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Foster Loyer announced on Twitter that he will transfer to Davidson College...

After entering the portal, Loyer and Davidson connected fairly quickly, but it took a bit of time for all of the ducks to get in a row. Now that they have, Loyer has announced that he will play for Bob McKillop for the remainder of his eligibility. Loyer will have the option to play two more seasons at Davidson.

The 5-foot-11-inch guard averaged 16.6 minutes per game, 4.2 points, 2.3 assists, and 1.6 rebounds as a junior. But his shooting was a real struggle as he only shot 29 percent from the field (32.7 percent from three-point range), while maintaining a strong percent from the free-throw line (88 percent).

Interestingly, Loyer’s advanced stats (and the film itself) really tell a more complicated story — the offense generally moved the ball well when he was on the floor, the defense did not fall off a cliff, and, in sum, Loyer was a positive player on the court (+.6 BPM, 112 Ortg, 109 Drtg). There is clearly some real potential still within Loyer’s game —his basketball mind is there, and his shooting is far better than he showed last year (a year where he had an injured shoulder for much of the season — which affects you even if it is not your dominant shooting-hand).

While Loyer struggled at Michigan State, Davidson seems like a great fit for him. The A-10 is a good league, but not quite at the level of a Power Five conference, and Davidson’s team, which is solid (Hyunjung Lee is a real talent), and track-record of maximizing less-athletic and smaller guards bodes well for Foster. Loyer will also be learning from a great coach in Bob McKillop, and will have a chance to kick-start his coaching career when he is done playing, if he wants to go down that path.

Foster had some great moments in East Lansing, was a great teammate, an outstanding representative of the program, and a wonderful person. He will always be a Spartan, and the Michigan State community wishes him nothing but the best!

Go Green!!!