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Michigan State Football calls on fans to “Stripe the Stadium” Saturday night against Nebraska

Double-check that ticket location and be prepared to wear green or white depending on your section!

Oregon v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

For fans of the No. 20/21 Michigan State Spartans attending the game at Spartan Stadium this Saturday, you better double-check that game ticket to see what section you are in. The home game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be a “Stripe the Stadium” matchup! The MSU athletics department announced on Sunday that even sections will wear green, and odd sections and the student section are to wear white.

The Spartans are bringing back what has become an annual event since its smashing success in an inaugural rollout against the Oregon Ducks in 2015. The alternating sections wear green or white and create a unique and exciting visual in the stands, and Michigan State football is 3-2 in the matchups.

After an exciting top-10 thriller in 2015 that saw the Spartans down the Ducks 31-28, MSU fell to Wisconsin in 2016 (30-6) and Notre Dame in 2017 (38-18) stripe games. However, the ship was righted against Utah State in 2018 (38-31) and Tulsa in 2019 (28-7). The Wisconsin game in 2016 was the only daytime kickoff. Obviously, in 2020 with no fans in the stands, the relatively new tradition hit the pause button.

Before Nebraska fans get too excited about using their favorite cliché of referring to this game as Michigan State’s “Super Bowl,” keep in mind that the Huskers are likely to be the only Power Five opponent night kickoff this season for MSU in Spartan Stadium (a key feature to this event as mentioned above), and the home game the program circles as far bigger is obviously the one when the Michigan Wolverines visit on Oct. 30. Michigan has never been a night kickoff at Spartan Stadium in the entire history of the series, however. Maryland (Nov. 13) and Penn State (Nov. 27) are late enough in the season that the games are unlikely to be night kicks, either.

Regardless, I will see you Saturday in my Spartan Green as I have tickets in an even section in the stadium. Go Green!