I think we are good..

Btw, I believe King fractured his collar bone on the tackle from Crouch. He immediately clutched at his collarbone after he hit the ground. I'm not sure we will ever know for sure, as that would be pretty bad if they went to the locker room and shot him up for a broken bone. It's one thing to do that for an injury that is pure pain but not at risk for further injury(which I would argue is still bull shit because one will alter how one plays to avoid the pain) and another for a fracture that could get worse.

Our offensive line has improved, but Kenneth Walker III (hereafter referred to as KWIII) is Gale Sayers incarnated into a more powerful body. I mean get real. How can a human being do that. I was excited about Collins two years ago when he almost rushed for a 1,000. I thought he was good but watching KWIII makes me realize he was only above average, which was a huge upgrade over the others trying to be the Spartans feature back until then. Even if we didn't have a QB he would be worth 3.5 wins on our schedule.

Peyton Thorne has played wonderfully! Great touch, arm just strong enough(and will get stronger). First rate decisions with some legs to boot. If Nailor can stay healthy the whole year this offense will rival our offenses under Cook.

Defensively I think we are just good enough to be title contenders. I do think our offense will have to carry us vs Penn State and Ohio State but that's OK. The offenses have the advantage nowadays.

I hate playing Nebraska. Still scarred from that 2015 malarkey in Lincoln and the year Dennard had the greatest interception return in Spartan history to be called back because an official decided to call a defenseless player penalty 50 yards from the action. Yea, if you decide to loaf during a play as the Nebraska player was doing you are always a defenseless player I guess. Oh, and that hangover game out there after we beat that great Wisconsin team with Russell Wilson. And don't forget the freeze bowl loss in 2018 is just icing on the cake. I will feel a lot better after this game if we can get past these hoodlums with a win. Something about these guys irks the hell out of me.

This year looks unexpectedly fun. Go Green!

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