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Photo Gallery: Iowa at Michigan State Gymnastics Coverage from Jan 23, 2022

Highlights from the Spartans’ close loss to Hawkeyes during Michigan State’s annual Pink Meet.

Marvin Hall/The Only Colors

When most people think of incredible athletes, oftentimes major sports like football, basketball, baseball, etc. come to mind. But perhaps a sport that should get more attention in this regard is gymnastics.

To be a successful gymnast, a person must possess athleticism, strength, balance, poise, discipline, concentration, competitiveness and more — all of the traits of a top-level athlete and then some.

In all honestly, when you think about what they have to do in their training and their routines, gymnasts are among the most impressive athletes in the world.

The No. 15 Michigan State gymnastics team recently competed in a hard-fought loss against No. 16 Iowa. The Hawkeyes narrowly out-dueled the Spartans by a final score of 196.475-196.350.

Photographer Marvin Hall was on-site to capture nearly 140 images of the 15th annual Jan Howard Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Meet. Those photos can be viewed in the gallery below, and really highlight the unbelievable skill these gymnasts boast.

All photos are credited to Marvin Hall/The Only Colors.

The MSU gymnastics team will next compete in Ann Arbor against the Michigan Wolverines on Sunday, Jan. 30 at 2 p.m. (ESPNU).