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The Good, The Bad, The Random in Michigan State’s 49-20 loss to Ohio State

We try to jam the positives section with as much as possible.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan State Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Ohio State versus Michigan State game oddly went a little better than I expected? Not much better. But a tad better.

We are going to try to spend more time in the positives because a.) Look, we all know how bad this season as a whole as gotten and b.) See the previous point. Let’s just try to have somewhat of a good time here, I guess?


First and foremost, Jaden Mangham is OK after a scary moment in the first quarter. Against all odds in the moment of him being carted off of the field, he was back on the field with his team in the second half (not in uniform), which was the biggest sigh of relief you could find.

Now for the game. Look, we know what this team is at this point and how Not Great™️ things are. However, despite staring at its fourth-straight double-digit loss and getting beaten by a physically dominant team, Michigan State showed fight the entire way. The veteran players. The younger players. Everyone battled the whole game and, while that doesn’t mean a thing on the scoreboard, it does speak to the culture of the team.

You know what’s a great time to completely lose cabin pressure? A four-game losing streak in the midst of a season where I’m sure going back to a New Year’s Six bowl was on every player’s mind. And, as frustrating as this last month has been, the players on the team are still giving it their all.

The participation report was essentially just the entire roster, which is obviously the sign of a blowout. But let’s keep trying to stay glass-half-full about this — a lot of those guys getting playing time were young guns, which is valuable experience. Nothing like getting reps against a team that’s likely going to be playing for a national title in a few months. A true first-hand look at just how far you have to go to make it to the top.

Jayden Reed looked like vintage Jayden Reed on his touchdown grab. Maybe this will springboard some momentum going forward after starting the season with unfortunate injury breaks? Maybe? The wide receiver looked like his old self against Ohio State, which is great for Reed and Michigan State for the rest of the season.

Loved what we saw from Tyrell Henry in the kickoff return game. I, personally, was sitting behind the south end zone about 600 rows up so I got a nice “Madden view” of his returns, and he was seeing the field really well. Pair that with his speed, and he had a nice day of 96 return yards with a longest of 30 yards. Remember, he’s just a freshman.

Hey, we finally saw this team grab an interception. Charles Brantley had a pick-six. Granted it was the easiest interception you’ll ever see and it was on a miscommunication on Ohio State’s end, BUT WE WILL TAKE IT!

Give Bryce Barringer the Ray Guy Award right now. Stop wasting everyone else’s time.


I’m not going to drone on and on about it because, quite frankly, its not surprising anymore. It’s the same issues we’ve seen all season. Breakdowns in the secondary. The hampered defensive front getting beaten down throughout the game. No push in the run game. Mediocre-at-best quarterback play. Failing to get off the field defensively on crucial third downs. Not making extra points. Doing the “keep chopping” hand signal after getting burnt to smithereens on a play. Same game, different week.


Shoutout to the Michigan State women’s soccer team really quick. The Spartans just played in front of a record-setting crowd to the tune of a 2-0 win over Michigan this past weekend!

The Spartans are tied for first in the conference with Northwestern, hold a 10-1-3 record and already defeated top five Penn State on the road earlier this season. It’s been a banner year already for the women’s program.

Back to football...who do you start in the next game at quarterback? Let’s put it to a vote.


Who would you start this Saturday against Wisconsin?

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  • 47%
    Payton Thorne
    (161 votes)
  • 52%
    Noah Kim
    (179 votes)
340 votes total Vote Now

Reasons for Thorne: He’s still the veteran, a change this big could end up being too seismic ahead of a “must-win” game, he’s far from the only issue on this team and perhaps Kim has looked good because he’s going against several second string players and/or full backup defensive units many times.

Reasons for Kim: If not for nothing else, it’s a spark for the offense that is starving for anything. He’s been responsible for two of the last four offensive touchdowns. Thorne has clearly regressed from last season. Also, it’s not like this season is on the brink of a trip to Pasadena or anything.

Hey, at least we’re really good at boosting other teams’ egos for a week or so!

Kenneth Walker III scored his first NFL touchdown on a nice run from 69 yards out! (Kenneth also please come back, please. Please.)

Every week I think to myself “well, things are bad. But they’re not that bad.” Like Pittsburgh losing to Georgia Tech — GEORGIA TECH — at home last weekend, for example. This week’s winner? Well, at least we didn’t have a chance to stun the world on the road against the No. 1 team and went this THIS play call.

I honest to God would rather lose the way Michigan State did on Saturday. Don’t even give me the thought of a win crossing my mind, let alone be two yards away from glory only for a horrendous decision to botch the whole thing. Texas A&M fans can’t be sleeping well this whole week. Saturday night after losing to Ohio State by 100? Yeah, no sleep lost there.

Welp, I guess we’ll do this all over again next week. Wisconsin is on the clock. Go Green.