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Spartan Reacts: What exactly happened in the Indiana game?

After the devastating loss to Indiana, what are Michigan State fans thinking about the season now?

Indiana v Michigan State Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

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Over the span of one half of football, just about everything went wrong for Michigan State. Every facet of the game fell apart in disastrous fashion for the Spartans, leading to a 17-point blown lead and a double-overtime loss to Indiana.

The loss came in a game in which MSU could have earned guaranteed bowl eligibility, now leaving that up to a showdown on the road against No. 11 Penn State to end the season.

With a loss against the Nittany Lions, the season could very likely come to an end. There are scenarios in which Michigan State could still make a bowl game at 5-7, but that is far from guaranteed, and it is quite possible that the Spartans would miss a bowl game in Mel Tucker’s third season as head coach.

In this week’s SB Nation Reacts survey, we ask fans if they think MSU can pull the upset in Happy Valley and qualify for a bowl game.

Regardless of what happens against Penn State, the loss to Indiana is an awful look. At home, against a three-win Indiana team that hadn’t seen a victory since September. But there has been more than one awful loss for this year’s team. Which loss do you think has been the worst so far?

Finally, what does a loss like the one against the Hoosiers mean for Tucker and his coaching staff?

Get your votes in now and be on the lookout for results later this week.