So, I guess I’ll discuss this

I mean, I want to be clear, I think initial suspensions are warranted - the law enforcement says they should be wrapped up by end of week, so, regardless I think all of the suspensions are appropriate. We know Crump didn’t "just fight back enough to get away", we know it’s a bad look. So I think that’s a good baseline.

Still, I do want to link to this article:

as well as further discuss the incident. I saw a video with a UM player come out from behind a column and proceed to start shit. The video of Windmon I saw started with him separating people, something that looks like it could have been a fist fly near his head from the UM player’s direction, then him throw two punches after (not great, mind you), followed by Crump starting in (which terrible). Still very much of the opinion suspension pending law enforcement investigation is appropriate, but as we look forward, MSU’s players reacted to something badly, but at the same time not only is UM’s security poorly, their players may have instigated this physically beyond the instigation that’s already clear, I have to ask where UM’s people were preventing a third incident in their tunnels this year, second in two weeks. I don’t know, I agree with the suspensions, but this is being presented one way, and it’s tough to reconcile. Feel free to comment.

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