NW game post-mortem

Place to breakdown & discuss the catastrophe that was last night's game.

Official game stats here if you can stomach them

Losing Mady for half the first half, and Walker for big chunks of the second half, really hurt this team. I know Izzo autobenches first half players with two fouls which got Mady sent to the bench, but also he finished the game with two fouls. I really think Izzo needs to have a longer leash.

Shooting was atrocious, with Hauser chucking up bricks (3-12 overall, 2-6 from deep) Brooks (3-10 overall, 3-10 from deep), Akins (1-6 overall, 1-5 from deep including some that had no chance) and Hoggard (5-13 overall, 1-3 from deep) "leading" the way. Walker, Sissoko, Cooper & Kohler the only players to hit at least 50% of their attempts and that's telling - 3 of those 4 guys only take shots within 3 feet of the basket. We should have been feeding Sissoko in the post all night long, especially since he was the only one drawing fouls (took 8 of our 12 FTAs).

Ball control not great either, "only" 13 total turnovers but also only 16 assists. Sissoko & Walker looked like our best players on the floor last night, and also have the best stat lines.

Bottom line: we have zero depth and with Hall out & Akins still severely limited, every game will be a struggle. You CANNOT lose to Nerdwestern at home.

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