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GAME THREAD: Michigan State at Ohio State - Football

Michigan State is on the road at the number one ranked team in the country with dreams of redeeming this season with a historic upset.

Michigan State University vs Ohio State University Set Number: X164186 TK1

Michigan State is on the road at the number 1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. This game features teams at the opposite end of the spectrum for the Big Ten. The Spartans are struggling in almost every facet of the game (and off field) even if they just won their last game.

The Buckeyes are firmly in the national championship conversation. The headlines this week have reminded everyone of historic upsets by the Spartans. The game will tell us if history can repeat itself.

Game Time: Saturday, November 11 at 7:30pm (US East Coast Time)

Watch the game: NBC (Streaming on Peacock)

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Debate Points/Things to Watch:

  • What do you think of Sam Leavitt’s decision on playing?
  • What is a sign of success (however small) in this game for the Spartans?
  • How much does this game tell us about the future of MSU’s program?