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Cheating Scandal Coverage - Update: harbaugh Suspended For Remainder Of Regular Season

Commissioner Petitti wins hearts everywhere

Okay, per an article I just read over on ESPN, there was a conference call with all the conference coaches, including harbaugh. After they talked about usual business, harbaugh was asked to get off the call. And then things got elevated.

So it seems like there is a growing consensus around the rest of the conference that a punishment needs to happen, and soon.

TOC will continue to update this article.

But by all means talk all the crap about um in this comment section as you can.


Update 10:53 A.M.

Per Adam Rittenberg, the athletic directors have a call with the Big Ten commissioner later today. (Thank you Bonesaw for sharing that.)


Update 8:56 P.M.

The call with the commissioner and the athletic directors of the Big Ten occurred this afternoon, and a source says the message was delivered that “The conference needs to step up.” Reportedly, MSU A.D. Alan Haller was particularly vocal during the call. He complained that he learned three days before MSU’s game against um that the skunkbears had cheated and acquired MSU’s signals, and that this forced MSU to make changes to their game preparation. He also griped about the hastiness in which the conference enforced penalties on MSU players last year after the tunnel incident despite the investigation not being completed, but now the league is claiming it wants to have all the facts before doling out any potential punishments. So score a few for Haller!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Update 11/6/23 12:30 P.M.

Per reports, the Big Ten Conference has issued an inquiry to the school who is at the center of a massive cheating scandal. To my understanding of the articles I have read, this means that school now has 48 hours to respond, after which, Commissioner Tony Petitti can either levy a suspension of up to 2 games on jim harbaugh (and presumably other staff members) or he could submit the issue to a committee of conference presidents and A.D.s to consider a larger punishment. Here’s hoping we get both those things, the initial 2 game ban and the consideration to extend that.

Naturally, those babies are already threatening a lawsuit. Perhaps they know the suspension is imminent. This is fun. Can it be Wednesday already?

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Update 11/10/23 3:50 P.M.

The Big Ten has (finally) dished out some punishment. jim harbaugh is suspended for the remainder of um’s regular season games. Per reports, he can coach during the week but can not coach the games themselves. I am not sure if this means the B1G is done with penalties and this is the end of their investigation into the scandal, or if they are still free to add more consequences if and when they learn more details in the future.