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College Football Playoff Predictions

Who will the committee select?

2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington Photo by Ian Maule/Getty Images

The conference championships have all been played. At Noon eastern the committee will tell us who the 4 teams are that will play for the title, and unlike most years, there actually seems to be some suspense to who will get in and we are due to have some controversy and backlash. At least one team will be left out who deserves to be in. I will share my thoughts.

But first, a couple other random thoughts. 1. I think my favorite moment of the weekend was when the Big 12 championship MVP, Texas’ Quinn Ewers, received a WWE championship belt from the Undertaker. 2. I think Michael Penix clinched the Heisman last night. Going into the weekend, I thought Bo Nix was the frontrunner, but I don’t know how he can win when he has two losses to Washington, and Penix arguably outplayed him in both games. The only other person I’ve heard my friends give the nod to is LSU QB Jayden Daniels.

Okay, on to the playoffs. As I said, there are more than four teams with an argument. We ended with three undefeated conference champs - Washington, Florida State, and um. We have two one-loss champs in Texas and Bama. Texas, of course, beat Bama at Bama. But Bama has the best win of anyone in their takedown of Georgia yesterday, and the SEC champion has never not been in the playoff.

The #1 seed has to go to one of the undefeated teams, and I think Washington earns the top spot. They had the toughest opponent of the three in their CCG. The Pac-12, may it R.I.P., was the best conference among those three this year, with Washington playing three top-25 teams in their final four games. So I am putting them on the top line. Plus, that puts them close to home in the Rose Bowl for their semifinal match.

At #2, I’ll slot in um. They pitched a shutout in the B1G CCG. That’s not worth nothing. Also, they are cheaters.

At #3, I am putting the Alabama Crimson Tide. The committee’s job is to put the top four teams in, and down the stretch, they absolutely have looked like a top four team. They are not the team that got pushed around by Texas anymore. And with the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans hosting the second semifinal, this would give them a geographic advantage over um in their matchup as The Big Easy is an easy drive from the next state over.

And at #4, I am putting in... Texas. This was no easy decision, but again it is about who are the best four right now, and FSU does not look like that. Unfortunately, some of that is due to injury at the QB position, but the reality is that they don’t have a strong offense anymore. They went 3 & out on their first four possessions yesterday. They had only 12 first downs and only one touchdown, and that came on a drive where their first play was a 73-yard run down to the 2-yard line. Texas, on the other hand, put up 49 points in their CCG. So I put them in at #4.

Of course, the committee could do humanity a favor and keep um out of the playoffs as their punishment for cheating.

What do you all think? Get your comments in before noon. By the way, I think it is horrible that they are doing this at noon. In Washington, it will only be 9 AM. Why not do this in the time slot between today’s 4 PM and Prime Time NFL games?