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Giving Every MSU BBall Player A Nickname

Hey guys, we need some more nominations for some of these players

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 31 Div I Men’s Championship - Elite Eight - Duke v Michigan St. Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Monday everyone. We have made it to the final week of the 2022-23 season. Our Spartans play at Nebraska tomorrow night and then host Ohio State on Saturday for Senior Day. The news came out earlier today that the Minnesota game would not be rescheduled. As Izzo and Co. make any last-minute preparations to have this team ready for March, we the fans have some work to do ourselves. As you know, Michigan State University is the alma mater of the greatest nickname in the history of sports, that of course being Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Now, it would be tough for us to come up with a moniker as great, and appropriate, as that. And of course, there is no one on this year’s roster who is going to end up as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But they all do need an alias nonetheless. And it is up to us all to create them.

This conversation started last week in one of the postgame threads; you can see some of the suggestions already out there in this comment section:

Michigan State Fights Off Slow Start, Downs Indiana 80-65 - The Only Colors

The TOC crew has reviewed these and we like a few of them, but we want more suggestions and then we will put this to a vote later in the week for the final decisions. Here are some of the nicknames we were fond of.

  • AJ Hoggard - “All Juice”
  • Tyson Walker - “Ty Fighter”, “Slicin’” (note: we liked “Sky” but that was ineligible as that was the nickname of recent Spartan, “Sky”Miles Bridges.)
  • Malik Hall - “Malicious”, “Lik the Freak”
  • Jaden Akins - “Shakin’ Bakin’”
  • Mady Sissoko - “The Sissoko Kid”, “The Mauler From Mali” (Okay, I had to sneak my own nomination in.)
  • Jaxon Kohler - “Kohler Bear”, “Kohler Vortex”, “Baby Faced Assassin” (TOC would like to combine these into one elongated nickname as they are all great.)
  • Pierre Brooks - “Brokes” (Yeah, that one, while true, is cruel so let’s find a more endearing one.)

We are accepting more for the players above as well as for the other players not mentioned, of course. I will say that there were a couple of suggestions for Joey Hauser, but for me, I just want to keep referring to him as “Joey!” (said in a loud, angered voice). And Steven Izzo will always be “Lil’ Izzo” to me.

So, comment with any new suggestions you have. We will put out an article on Thursday or Friday with your chance to vote on all the accepted nominations.

Thank you for being the best fans on SB Nation.