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Join The Only Colors NCAA Men’s Tournament Challenge!

The Spartans are heading to the tournament and so are we all! Join the community bracket challenge to demonstrate your superior basketball knowledge.

Michigan State v Oklahoma Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Your Michigan State Spartans are off to the NCAA Tournament for the 25th time in a row under coach Tom Izzo.

They will be battling it out on the hardwood for the NCAA Tournament championship and YOU could be in on the action.

Join The Only Colors NCAA Tournament Challenge to show once and for all YOU are the smartest basketball analyst in this community.

We are launching the first inaugural challenge for our community.

We’ll keep the prizes fairly straight forward this first time:

-First place a $50 gift certificate to the Spartans store,

-Second place a $30 gift certificate to the Spartans store,

-Third place a $20 gift certificate to the Spartans store

I know, not a brand new car or a ride on a jet to the moon. But really, the REAL prize is bragging rights! We will be featuring the winner on a podcast after the season is over (tangent: Some off season plans in the works for more podcast shows and formats, stay tuned…).

Here are the details:

JOIN: The Only Colors Bracket Challenge here (Hosted on ESPN)

Name: The Only Colors 2023

Group Password: GoGREEN2023

This is a locked group, limited to one submission per registered user. The bracket will close as the Thursday, March 16th games tip off (the play in games are…. Well….they are the play in games).

Suggestion: Please use a user name or at least bracket name that mirrors your Only Colors handle. That way we all know who is in the bracket.

Full competition details here.

JUMP IN NOW and put your winner in the comments.