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Final Open Thread Of The Season

Enjoy the Final Four everyone.

Wisconsin v Mich St Izzo

It is down to the last four teams standing. The craziest tournament in history will be crowning one of Connecticut, Florida Atlantic, Miami, or San Diego State as a champion Monday night. The semifinals will be Saturday evening.

I just want to say to the 68 teams that composed this year’s field, please take a look at the women’s tournament. That is what you young men were supposed to do. A couple of 1-seeds, a 2- and a 3-seed. That’s how you make up a Final Four. Have the best player in the country (i.e. Caitlin Clark) make it to the final game. What was that, Edey? Maybe you guys can do with a little less madness next year.

Okay TOC Nation, since this is the last open thread of the year and we will be in the offseason for both major sports, please feel free to comment on any topics of conversations that you would like to have us write articles about. No need to mention recruiting, as we will obviously talk about that. Needless to say, TOC will look different for the next few months until Football season rolls around. But we will do our best to keep this site full of inciteful and debate-provoking content.