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The Only Colors Bracket Challenge Winners

But really, congratulations to anyone who got 1 Final Four team correct

San Diego State v Connecticut Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Happy Thursday everyone. Apologies from the TOC staff on the delay in posting this. We have all been busy obsessing over the Twitter-beef between Angel Reese and Jill Biden. (I’d like to say TOC is squarely on Team Angel on this one, unless the Bidens also want to invite MSU’s men’s and women’s basketball team, as well as our hockey team to the White House.)

Okay, let’s get down to business. After UCONN completed their run through the tournament to capture their fifth title since 1999, we have our winners for our bracket challenge. So without further delay, congratulations to:

3rd place: MSVforMSU

2nd place: Dan Hell Pepper

1st place: Rcnrng

Can we ask the three of you to email TOC at We will need your real names and mailing address so we can send you your prizes. More importantly, please feel free to talk smack to everyone else in the comments of this article and every other article from now until the commencement of the next basketball season.

Speaking of next basketball season, the debates are getting louder about whether or not Tyson Walker will come back for a super-senior season, and to a lesser extent, if Malik Hall will return. These conversations were being spurred, of course, by the annual tradition of pundits putting out their way-too-early top-25s. MSU has consistently found themselves between 6 and 15 in these opinions. I still am maintaining my position from an earlier article that neither will be back, but I am admittedly about 5% less confident of that stance at this point.

Looking even further into the future, MSU has picked up its first commitment for the 2024 recruiting class, getting 4* SG Kur Teng. And perhaps another commit is in our grasps, as 4* PF Jesse McCullough is making his announcement on April 20, with MSU being one of his finalists. I guess I will take this opportunity to regurgitate Pom’s comment from another thread. Apparently 5* Flory Bidunga is looking at our program, too. Pom, I hope you have credible sources on this one and you aren’t making me look bad here. Since this guy is a center, hopefully we will be seeing lots of Bidunga dunks (read: badonkadonks) if he comes to E.L.

Okay, that is all for now. To all who are celebrating either this week/weekend, Happy Passover and/or Happy Easter.