Well, now what?

This is not a good look for Tucker or any of the coaching staff. Three decent to very good players entered the portal this week, presumably due to abhorrently bad coaching (watch the Indiana game if you don't believe me). This leaves me with 2 big questions.

1) How will this play out?

Thorne was not a bad player last year, he just had bad coaches. He's not my main worry. That's reserved for Coleman. Dude is explosive, long, and should be a high target for any WR-needy P5 school. I am well aware that they aren't required to transfer, but they very well could. Losing a 2-year incumbent starting QB and a WR who just had a breakout year is going to be a massive blow to a program that needs as many solid players as it can get. Brantley was ok, I don't remember him for much except the game-ending pick vs FM in 2021.

2) What's next for Tucker?

This is exactly why you don't reward any coach (save for probably Nick Saban) with a ton of money and a long contract. Walker WAS our team in 2021, and he opened up the passing game so Thorne and Reed could light it up. Without Walker, Tucker gets exposed as a below average coach and Mat Ishbia doesn't waste $100 million and we don't have to deal with this bullshit for another 10 years. Seems like a repeat of the Smith/Williams fiasco.

Go Green

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