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Beer Sales Possibly Coming To MSU Sporting Events

Hoooorrrrraaaaaayyyyyy beer!

Rutgers v Michigan State Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

I saw some wonderful news earlier today. There is currently a bill trying to make its way through the Michigan legislature that would allow universities to sell beer at their sporting events. No word yet on what the timeline for this could be. Depending on how quickly it makes its way to passing and getting signed into law, there may or may not be enough time for all the further work that would still need to be done to get the stadiums and arenas ready to sell beer.

Early indicators lead me to believe that this will pass. As one of three Big Ten schools not to have beer sales at sporting events (um obviously being another one of them), I am excited about this change. Now I don’t have to chug as much while tailgating and have to worry about going to the bathroom in a port-o-potty that has a twenty minute line. Nope, now I can buy a beer for $12 inside and go to the bathroom in an open trough. I guess the pros equal the cons when I break it down.

Let’s see what you all think.


Is it a good idea for MSU to sell beer at sporting events?

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We know there are some great beers being brewed here on the peninsulas. If this does pass, what beers would you like to see MSU have available at games?