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Cha Cha Changes Coming to Breslin And Men's Basketball Look

From a (literally) massive change at Breslin to a new look for the Freshman, change is visible everywhere.

Oakland v Michigan State Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

It’s summertime and campuses across the nation are tearing buildings down, renovating facilities and presenting new visuals to the world. Joining in the summertime visual overhauls are Michigan State’s Men’s Basketball and their home court.

Center court will look different with a huge new centerpiece going in. No details yet on the design for the replacement. Still, there is good news: If you desire a PIECE of the center court jumbotron it looks like you will be in luck.

Not sure your walls are big enough for the screens - but some of those Spartan logos would look pretty sweet in any home/man cave/she-shed/hangout space.

While the change at center court is the largest (by tonnage) change going on at the moment, more momentous is the change the four new Freshman are bringing to the men’s basketball team. All four are on campus and that means all four have practice jerseys with their numbers assigned.

Check out this video to catch a glimpse of the early workouts - oh and it includes the now obligatory dunk from Coen Carr.

If the glimpse was too fast (seriously it’s worth it to see the work being put in by the whole team), the new freshman numbers will be:

Xavier Booker will be wearing 34

Coen Carr will be wearing 7

Jeremy Fears will be wearing 1

Gehrig Normand will be wearing 10

It’s officially time to start looking for some real Spartan gear to rep these guys.

Even if it feels interminable till we see these guys take the court for MSU, it is only another few days till Moneyball. Expect the highlight reels to fly and the hype to flow.