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Open Thread: Get To Know Your Fellow TOCer

Let’s make this community more communitish

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 10 Purdue at Michigan State

Happy Monday everyone,

I am pleading guilty to theft on this one. I saw this over on Pride of Detroit, the Detroit Lions SB Nation page, and figured if it got over 400 comments over there, that we could get at least a few comments over here. So pardon my unoriginal article a moment and join me in getting to know who you spend time online with a little more.

Possible items to post:

-Where you were born

-Where you live now

-When you went to MSU (if applicable)

-Favorite game-watching food/drink


And of course, feel free to jot down anything else you want to include.

Lastly, so I really enjoyed getting to read all your comments in my two articles about the transfer portal and NIL. There were some great arguments on all sides of those debates. I am working on a couple more such opinion-style articles while we try to get through the offseason. If there is a sports-related topic that you would like to have a conversation about on TOC, please mention that in the comments here and maybe I will put out an article on that as well for you all to discuss/debate.