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Beer Sales Bill Passes!!

Alcohol will be available at MSU games

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Some good news became official this past week when Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, signed a bill into law that will permit the sale of beer at university sporting events. The law goes into effect immediately. What is still left to be seen is how quickly can MSU (and the other schools impacted by this law) get their venues ready to stock and serve ice-cold beers.

A large selling point for this bill, at least what was stated publicly, was that it would help decrease the frequency of people binge-drinking prior to the games as they will now be able to continue their consumption while at the event. But, of course, as with most decisions of this sort, there is a major financial component. As alcohol is usually one of the products with the highest markup from wholesale to retail, it is easy to see how this new law could result in MSU bringing in upwards of one million dollars a year in revenue.

With the passage of this law, MSU and um will become the 12th and 13th Big Ten schools to have alcohol available at their sporting events. If you guessed Nebraska as the last school not to sell alcohol at its games, you are correct. The only thing I could not find in any of the articles I came across is whether I will be permitted to bring a beer into the press booth. I am looking forward to my Spartan Stadium collector’s cup.