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Bad News For Those Folk Over In Ann Arbaugh

Jim Harbaugh getting a four-game suspension?

I just saw some breaking news on everyone’s favorite sports website ( Apparently, the NCAA is coming down on um’s football coach for some recruiting violations stemming back to “Covid recruiting dead period”. I will assume this means 2019 and/or 2020. John’s little brother could be receiving a four-game suspension for, lack of a better word, cheating.

For now, this is not officially official, but it seems like it will be happening. Obviously, we here at TOC are all in full support and agreement with the NCAA, for a change.

If a four-game ban does occur, um’s first four games this season are home tilts against East Carolina, UNLV, Bowling Green, and Rutgers. So not exactly a murderer’s row. Maybe this will get appealed, then upheld, but the season will have started already so the suspension gets enforced against more legit opponents.