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MSU Unveils New Football Uniforms for 2023

A new series of uniforms made their debut on Friday night

The new uniforms unveiled at the “Thy Shadows” event on July 28
@MSU_Football on Twitter

After a few weeks of cryptic “7.28.23” messages from the Michigan State football program, those around the program were treated to “Thy Shadows.” After remarks from AD Alan Haller, members of the Men’s Basketball team, Darien Harris, and Mel Tucker, we finally got what many had suspected - a new slate of uniforms for the upcoming football season.

MSU is leaning heavily into the Greek key pattern, with it taking the place of the formerly solid white helmet stripes, as well as a more subtle key on each shoulder. Luckily, the standard greens and whites were left basically intact.

The third jersey is where things get really interesting.

A perfectly placed nod to the criminally underrated alma mater, the “Shadow” jersey is an incredible upgrade over the neon atrocities of the last several seasons. A nearly gray matte black jersey and matching pants, with white numbers and a dark green Greek key on the shoulders, the combo is topped off by a matte black helmet, with a dark green oversized Spartan helmet and tiny flecks of paint.

I’m generally a traditionalist when it comes to jerseys, especially in college football, where colors and brands have a more visceral meaning than in the pro game. That said, these alternates maintain MSU’s identity, utilize the colors, and will look great under the lights when they are (presumably) worn on October 21st.

We’ve got uniforms. We’ve had media days. Camp starts next week. Football’s close.