Mel is a charlatan.

This guy threw his players under the bus starting early in the season last year. Revisit some of the post game quotes by him and his players, especially after the Washington game. His rhetoric prior to signing the insane paycheck is night and day to what he is saying now. He is making excuses now, blaming players, even before the season starts. College football is special because every year some less talented team over acheives. Mel makes it clear he doesn't see how we can win championships without Bama or Georgia recruits. Valenti nails it in this video. It is par for the course for Mel and I am glad it is being talked about. Not only is Mel a mediocre(at best) in game decision maker, his team's are incredibly easy to prepare for and make adjustments against. Half time adjustments? Don't exist under Mel. The AD and Mel should be fired after this year. If this team over achieves, Mel will be there to soak up the credit despite his preseason comments.

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