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2023 Opponent Outlook: Why We Will Beat OSU

MSU should start its season 10-0

Listen Spartans, we started the season 9-0. We beat everyone on our schedule to this point. Home. Away. Noncon. In conference. Trophy games. It’s been a good run. But now we have to take the bus to Columbus and face the Buckeyes. They have beaten us seven years in a row, one away from matching their longest streak against us (‘75, ‘76, ‘79-’84).

This is a program who gets invited to the playoffs every year, seemingly as a matter of tradition at this point. This is where our perfect season comes to an end, right?


These guys haven’t even beaten um since all the way back in 2019 (2020 game did not happen). We’ve taken them down twice in that span (2023 included). This will be the game where we put to bed any remaining haters. 10-0 here we come.

Before you all accuse me of being the ultimate homer suffering from the worst case of delusion ever, I will say that we are going to be sweating this one out to the end. This could be one decided by a walk-off field goal (ensuing windmill optional) or a fourth down stop with time winding down and one team needing a touchdown. It will be a game that is never being led by more than seven points either way, and probably is within four points for the great majority of the clock.

There should be more for the scorekeeper to do in this one than the game back in 2015 that ended in a 17-14 victory for MSU. Could be something like 27-24 or 34-31. MSU will take Ohio State’s best shots and will come back with an answer every time. Eventually, OSU will become deflated mentally and give Sparty the opportunity to steal the lead away after an interception leads to a short field.

OSU will come back one last time but they will leave MSU enough time to counter and grab the lead for good.

That’s a perfect ten for the Green & White.

5 days until the season opener. Y’all got your lucky underwear clean and ready to wear on Friday?