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2023 Opponent Outlook: Why We Will Beat Indiana

MSU should start its season 11-0

What up TOCers! Here we are, it’s officially the week of the first game. If you have a normal 9-5 job, your work week is underway and as soon as it’s over, it’s time for Spartan Football. As for me, I am currently in a beach town in the south of Portugal enjoying the last days of summer on the western edge of Europe. I won’t be back until after Labor Day so I am not going to be able to see our opener. That also means that TOC coverage of that game is going to be a little less than what you are all accustomed to. I will make sure we have an open thread for the game though.

But first, I do need to finish getting you through this season hype series. One week after accomplishing the improbable, MSU goes down to Bloomington for the final true road game of the season (though I won’t fault you if you call our last game an away game as well). This preview is going to be real short because 1) I’m on vacation; and 2) Indiana is not a good football program at the moment.

I don’t think it will require much convincing when I tell you MSU wins this game convincingly.

Have a good week everyone.

Four days until the opener!