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How to Watch Michigan State vs Washington - The Peacock Game - TV, Quick Facts and Prediction

Michigan State is heading to streaming as it takes on the number 8 Washington Huskies in a preview of their future Big Ten foe.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 17 Michigan State at Washington Photo by Jesse Beals/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The streaming game is here sports fans…. The reality of our fractured television and viewing habits has come for Michigan State football. In the deal that nets the Spartans millions of dollars a year (and helped spur the massive expansion of the Big Ten - more on that in a moment), the league has decided to put a game a week on Peacock….you know the streaming service that your friend may have mentioned once.

In all reality, Peacock isn’t bad, but it does feel like a moment in time to go to a streaming service for college football. If it can (kinda?) work for the NFL, I guess it will work for college.

But more on the game:

Game Time: Saturday, September 16th at 5pm (US East Coast Time)

Watch the game: Peacock - Yes, that is a streaming service. You can sign up for free trial HERE If you need a list of supported devices, click here.

Comment and Follow Live at the GAME THREAD HERE (live at 2pm)

Read the Full Preview of the game here

Some basics to sound like a pro:

Michigan State:

This is the first game since the suspension of Mel Tucker. Regardless of the product on the field for the last two weeks (and there have been some very pleasant surprises with QB Noah Kim and running back Nathan Carter as well as some young cornerbacks), the storyline this week has been all about Tucker.

Everyone is hoping the on field stuff can take center stage again.

Washington University

Washington is good. That’s clear. They were good last year before having a mid season swoon. Their QB Michael Penix, Jr. has been playing since the bronze age (ok, not quite, but this is literally his 6th year) and has given the Spartans fits as a Big Ten foe and now with Washington. Hilariously, Washington will join the Big Ten next year - though Penix is presumed to be gone by then.

Last year the Washington game sent the Spartans into a spiral and exposed the team’s limitations. This year the measuring stick should be just as severe. If Michigan State can play well, it will speak volumes about their ability to focus on the game and succeed later in the season.


BBD: 35-17 Washington wins