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Who Will Be There Today?

TOC wants your help with something

Big Ten Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Happy Gameday TOC!

Who is going to be attending today’s game? I had an idea that I would like all of your help with. If you are going to today’s game, or for that matter any other game this season, please take pictures of your experience. It can be of your tailgate, it can be from your seats, it can be when you storm the field after a big win (hey, they sell alcohol now so why not?). Afterwards, send your favorite picture to “theonlycolorseditors @” (remove the spaces).

We are going to collect all the best pictures from the season and compile them for a season-end article, kind of a time capsule of the year. So this can be what you all want to make of it.

Also, I will do a better job trying to plan this for future home dates, but I think it could be cool if we could pick a precise time and location outside Spartan Stadium to have a TOC meetup before a game. Just a chance for some of us to meet in person and have a drink together. Let me know what you think of that. Next home game is next Saturday @ 3:30 vs. Maryland. I know I am going to be up there today and probably also the um game.