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Open Thread: The Future Coach Of MSU Football Will Be...?

Richmond v Michigan State Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

Hey guys, by popular demand, I am putting this open thread up for you. To answer some of the comments in other threads as to why we have not written an article about this subject, well, as some of you have said, it would be purely speculation on our part. We do not have access to any members of the MSU athletic department and we are not speaking with other journalists who cover MSU professionally. So we have no information to offer you on the subject matter. Furthermore, we fully believe that interim coach Barnett will be our coach for the duration of the season (unless he gets named in a scandal).

In the meantime, I thought a picture of Tom Izzo would be a good cover for this article. Just a reminder that college basketball is getting closer and at least we Spartans are fortunate to have one of the greatest coaches in the business there. And yes, we agree with some of you who have said that Izzo would probably make a damn fine football coach as well.

So here you go, you may discuss amongst yourselves.