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How to Watch Michigan State vs Maryland Football - TV, Quick Facts and Prediction

Can Michigan State stop another high powered offense? Can you watch this on Peacock? Will there be signs of life for the Spartans?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 16 Washington at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A high powered pass offense is coming to Spartan stadium and you can watch it on Peacock. Ok… did you have a terrible stress reaction? Here is what is different.

Maryland is NOT Washington. Washington may end up being one of the best teams in the country, Maryland looks good three games into the season - but we’ve seen that mirage before. Still… MSU hasn’t shown any ability yet against a passing QB so there are a lot of questions to be answered.

The game is available on Peacock but ACTUALLY on NBC. So you can avoid a repeat of that experience if you found it nightmarish last week.

Game Time: Saturday, September 23rd, at 3:00pm

Watch the game: NBC (It will also stream on Peacock)

Comment and Follow Live at the GAME THREAD HERE (live at 12:00Noon)

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Some basics to sound like a pro:

Michigan State:

Michigan State is still largely unknown on the field. The first two weeks of the game had inferior opponents that did little to show what this team is made of. From there, the game against Washington was an utter buzz saw, featuring potentially the best offense in college football.

All of the distractions off the field are not helping. That said, this is the game (from before all the issues this year) where the Spartans were expected to show the true progress they’ve made this year.

Players like QB Noah Kim will need to show they can handle a Big Ten game. The defense will need to show it can stop the pass - or at least contain it - and the offensive line needs to prove it can get even a little space for a run game.

Maryland will be a tough task but are not insurmountable. The Spartan’s true outlook should be known by the end of this game.

Maryland University

The Terrapins have a good offense. It could be impressive even in a stacked Big Ten. That said, we’ve seen this mirage before. Maryland has a history of starting strong and fading by mid season. This year they are on a mission to show they are for real. In their way is a Spartan program trying to find itself.

One of these two teams will be a lot more settled after this game.


BBD: 35-14 Maryland Win

O: 23-21 MSU Win

What are your predictions for the game? Let everyone know in the comments below.