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SBN Reacts: What is the real MSU Football?

Which half of football represents what the Spartans really are this year, and have any fears been put to rest?

Ohio State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

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Watching Michigan State’s week 1 game against Central Michigan may have brought out some different feelings about the team than just checking out the stats after the game ended. Sure, there’s no reason to feel bad about the team right now, but the game was something of a roller coaster even if it did come back home safely.

State spent most of the first half tied 0-0 with the Chippewas, and briefly trailed, before taking a slim 10-7 lead into the break. At that point to say things felt uneasy in East Lansing would be an understatement. But then the second half floodgates opened and fans could take something of a sigh of relief.

Two of the biggest questions entering the game surrounded the MSU quarterback position and the defensive backfield. How fans feel about those positions now may depend largely on how they felt about each heading into the game.

In the end, the Spartans more than covered the spread. Noah Kim took every meaningful snap, throwing a pair of touchdowns along with 279 yards. While his accuracy left something to be desired, as the game went on the first-year starter seemed to find a grove.

On the other side of the ball the defensive backs seemed, if nothing else, improved. Although Central is far from a fair test, attempting only 25 passes without a single pass going for more than 17 yards. The defense as a whole struggled to finish tackles, but if nothing else it’s safe to say the secondary did what was asked of them.

In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey we want to know how MSU fans feel. Which half was more representative of what this Michigan State team really is? Considering Kim hadn’t been officially named the starter until game time, has he put the quarterback battle to bed? Do feel at all better about the secondary?

Get your answers in now and be on the lookout for results by the end of the week.