CMU Recap and Richmond Preview


The first half of the CMU game was underwhelming to say the least.

Kim couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and when he did the barn dropped it.

Two deep handoffs out of the shotgun on 4th and 1, with the same results we got with that play last year.

The defense looked better but still missed a bunch of sacks as they could not wrap up CMU’s QB when they got to him.

The push in the trenches against a much smaller CMU team was not overly impressive, especially on the offensive side.

Even last years team that couldn’t run against any good teams still got over 200 yards against Western.

It is hard to judge the secondary as CMU played a QB that is basically a runner only.
Emanuel only completed 4 passes all of last year, while running 67 times.

Luckily both teams remembered who they were in the second half.


You should never play an FCS school and definitely not a good one unless you want the Appalachian State treatment.

Richmond finished #12 in the final FCS coaches poll last year, and were pre-season #16 this year.

However apparently they read their own press clippings and managed to lose their first game at home to Morgan St by turning the ball over 4 times.

Kyle WIckersham their sophomore QB was basically Richmonds whole team.
He was 23/30 passing, the teams leading rusher, and scored their only TD.
Their special teams was nothing special, but their defense did hold Morgan St to only 213 yards.


We should be able to shut down a one man team fairly effectively, and our huge size and athletic advantage should allow us to score points.

This should be a blowout so I hope to see a lot of the backups get a bunch of minutes, especially Hauser at QB and Barbarin at RB ( he is supposedly the fastest guy on the team ).

Even if Kim plays very well he is only 185# so there is a good chance he may get dinged up somewhere during the season, and we may need Hauser to step in and perform so he needs some game reps.

The other reason I want to see a lot of backups is because it would be sad to have a starter get injured in a game that is well out of hand.

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