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Nickname Voting Results

The most important election of 2024 has been decided

NCAA Basketball: Stony Brook at Michigan State Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you to all who voted. Here are the nickname results.

Starting with the four incumbents who were not challenged:

Tyson “Ty Fighter” Walker

Jaden “Shakin’ Bakin’” Akins

Malik “Malicious” Hall

Mady “The Mali Mauler” Sissoko

There were two incumbents who were challenged but they won reelection:

AJ “Boss Hogg” Hoggard

Jaxon “The Kohler Bear” Kohler

And now for the new nicknames:

Coen “Carr-pe De-rim” Carr

Carson “Coop Deville” Cooper

Jeremy “Nightmare” Fears

Xavier “Stretch” Booker

Nick “Colonel” Sanders

Gehrig “Stormin’” Normand

And of course, the one nickname that exists outside the realm of democracy:

Steven “Lil’ Izzo”

TOC requests that you only use these nicknames in your comments from now on.