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It’s the (unofficial) national holiday known as Super Bowl Sunday. Time to gather, hate on the teams and chuckle at the commercials.

NFL: Super Bowl LVIII-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Yes, the Lions fans on here may simply be in denial (condolences by the way - it should be a great year next year though for the Pride of Detroit), but today is the day to fill the coffee table with food, sit on the couch and watch the (hopefully) great commercials game!

Or even better - mock the two teams and have fun with the Taylor Swift level drama in the comment section.

One note for Spartan fans, the only player in this game with ties to Michigan State is the 49ers long snapper, Taybor Pepper. If that helps you pick a team to support, go for it!

Game Time: Sunday, February 11th at 6:30 pm (US East Coast Time)

Watch the game: CBS (and streaming on Paramount Plus)

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Debate Points/Things to Watch:

  • 49ers or Chiefs?
  • Is Taylor Swift good or bad for the NFL?
  • Play the what if game: What if the Lions had beaten the 49ers? How would they do against the Chiefs?