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Big Ten Football in Review

A place for the Big Ten football recaps.

Around the B1G: Week 9 Recap / Week 10 Preview

Michigan State and Ohio State stayed on track for a winner-take-all showdown in two weeks, while the West has a clear favorite despite the four-way tie in the loss column.

Around the B1G: Week 8 Recap / Week 9 Preview

The favorites in the East are exactly who you'd expect. The West picture is still muddled, but despite being 3-0, Minnesota is not the favorite.

Around the B1G: Week 7 Recap / Week 8 Preview

Two teams way ahead of the pack in the East. Two teams way behind the pack in the West.

Around the B1G: Week 6 Recap / Week 7 Preview

The East is playing out pretty much as expected, apart from Michigan. The West? Total chaos.

Around the B1G: Week 5 Recap / Week 6 Preview

Conference play kicked off in earnest last week, with a few stragglers finishing their non-conference schedules.

Around the B1G: Week 4 Recap / Week 5 Preview

A much better performance from the conference as a whole leading into the first week of significant conference play - with one notable exception.

Around the B1G: Week 3 Recap / Week 4 Preview

What happened during MSU's bye week, and looking ahead to the final full non-conference weekend. Now with conference race projections!

Around the B1G: Week 1 Preview

Football season is finally upon us. Here's a look around the rest of the league's opening games.

Race for the Roses 2013: Thanksgiving Week

The title game matchup is all set, but bowl position and rivalry trophies are still at stake.

Race for the Roses 2013: Week 9

Last week's games eliminated three teams and pushed two more to the brink. This week could set the Big Ten Championship Game matchup. Plus out-of-conference rooting interests for BCS at-large possibilities.

Race for the Roses 2013: Week 8

This week brings another key game in the West race, while the East contenders try to hold off upset threats.

Race for the Roses 2013: Week 7

Round 1 of the West round-robin title fight has seen a clear favorite established. Meanwhile, the status quo reigns supreme in the East.

Race for the Roses 2013: Week 6

The West Division's back-loaded schedule begins in earnest this week, while Ohio State looks to be cruising to Indy and trying to position themselves for the BCS title game.

Race for the Roses 2013: Week 5

The calm before the storm in the West Division continues, while the East remains severely stratified.

Big Ten Football in Review, Week 4

Amidst all the failure, some Big Ten teams found success. Let's see who they were.