MSU Basketball Leads Nation in Assist Rate


I thought this might be the case, but it turns out assist rate is positively correlated with effective field goal percentage; teams that share the ball well tend to shoot the ball well. And MSU's assist rate is absolutely wild. With more than 80% of baskets coming with an assist, MSU is tops not only in the nation, but in all of the NCAA going back to 2002 when KenPom began tracking the statistic.

They're not subs...


...they're reinforcements. It's like tanks rolling over the hill.

Big Ten POTW: Travis Trice


Michigan State point guard Travis Trice was named Big Ten Player of the Week after averaging 21.5 points, seven assists, two steals and two rebounds in a pair of Spartan victories. It's Trice's second weekly honor after earning the same distinction the first week of this season.

High School Mark Dantonio Liked Adidas


From a post on reddit/r/cfb, Mark Dantonio liked his kicks from a local sporting goods store. The post has a couple of other pictures of Coach D from high school, so check it out!

One of the first Michigan State Football College Game Day sign appears!


Spartan fans are making it out to Oregon, and Joel Green (@meanjoelgreen) has probably the best variant on the Duck Hunt theme I've seen so far this week. No Fly Zone, indeed!

Orlando Classic Bracket Released


The good news is that Kansas and MSU are on opposite sides of the bracket. Marquette and Georgia Tech finished 76th and 109th in KenPom respectively last year, so hopefully there's a good chance the Spartans play the Jayhawks in the final.

The Stop


Just a little collage I whipped up. Beautiful from any angle.

Re: Perles request to bring back the block "S"


One more reason to get away from the block "S" logo...and keep the Spartan helmet logo.

Sophomore Derrick Nix (from Detroit Pershing) has a tattoo saying: "Detroit, MI, Product of My...


Sophomore Derrick Nix (from Detroit Pershing) has a tattoo saying: "Detroit, MI, Product of My Environment."