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Does MSU have a white helmet in the works?

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Leon Halip

I was passed along this link via Twitter to the Facebook page of Hydro Graphics, Inc., the company that did MSU's chrome helmets.

It's a photo of MSU's chrome, with an interesting description.

Michigan State could bring their white, green, or Green HydroChrome helmet (to the bowl) but so far nobody knows... It's a longshot but if both teams wear their chrome, it will be the first time (ever) that two teams have faced off looking themselves in the mirror!

Does this mean MSU is going to wear chrome in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl? No. But the fact that a company that has worked with MSU is talking about a white helmet is interesting. It's something many people have thought would look great.

If anything, my guess is this means a white helmet has been looked at by MSU. Will they ever wear one? Who knows. I'd love to see it.

MSU is going with green jerseys in the bowl, by the way.